archive based on documental video

Conversations about feature and documentary films were preceding the creation of the "film". To what extent each of the genres is documental i.e. true-life and reflect reality or/and manipulative (deform reality, being fiction)? What is documentation of a performance and what is performance, how the camera influences behavior and language?

I shot the video in autumn 2014: I travelled by train (Astana - St. Petersburg) and I began shooting our acquaintance with a neighbour, which continued some days after as a walk (in the presence of the camera with Andrey's consent).

I tried to document all the dialogues and events with the help of the camera and I didn't cut out anything. I just duped the text because the words were hard to hear. «The Film» consists of three parts (duration 45-50 min) and an epilogue (5 min). The first part was shot on a train Astana- St.Petersburg, the second part is a walk in St. Petersburg, the third takes place in a shopping mall «Gallery». The epilogue is the end of the story, it features messaging in social media and a decision to stop the project and communication. It is curious to see how the camera becomes the third character, an object of attention and care.

I sent «The Film» to friends (who have some attitude towards documental video, videoart or performances) and asked to make a review or comment in any form (text, poem, drawing or whatever). The communication was the idea and part of «The Film» from the beginning. For many people it was hard to find time and to summarise thoughts, especially without pay, as the video was not attractive. All the answers I saved and showed on the exhibition, having mentioned the authors, only their reaction was exhibited, not «The Film».

Олег Савунов (2016)