2007-2013: Stieglitz St.Petersburg State Academy of Art & Industry, St. Petersburg, (monumental art department, subject specialism "monumental painting")

2011-2013: Pro Arte «School for young artist», St. Petersburg, (further education with a concentration in Contemporary art)

Solo exhibitions

2022 – Home Odyssey, gallery YÖ, Helsinki

2022 – Snow and Sun (with Ilkka Pitkanen), Albatross cultural space, Helsinki

2020 – Why F, Borey Gallery, St.Petersburg

2019 – SuperPosition, NAMEGALLERY, St.Petersburg

2019 – This Apple, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

2018 – 4 Fasades, The Door, St. Petersburg

2018 – Leib & Korper, Laboradoria Intimnoe Mesto, St. Petersburg

2017 – Unforeseen, Inner Voice, St. Petersburg

2015 – The Conditional Field, Taiga, St. Petersburg


2022 – Home Odyssey, Process wall exhibition and performance, Myymälä 2, Helsinki

2022 – Yö-Fest vol. 2, Yö Gallery, Helsinki

2022 – Communication, gallery Borey (St. Petersburg) and Studio 44 (Stokholm)

2022 – Parazit Group. Searching for the Trained Spectator, Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg

2021 – Yö-Fest vol. 1.4, Yö Gallery, Helsinki

2021 – performance Crime of Passion within Unusual Companionship, Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki

2021 – You, inter alia, on-line project

2021 – Millennials in Contemporary Russian Art, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2020 – NEMOSKVA (MORE THAN MOSCOW), The Manege, St. Petersburg

2020 – Nevsky Express, Museum Art4, Moscow

2020 – ( ), Egorka gallery, St. Petersburg

2019 – Negotiators, XIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Krasnoyarsk

2019 – Oh, zin, you are the world! The Library of Book Graphics, St. Petersburg

2019 – Project"Jubiley", Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg

2018 – No Pastoral, The Library of Book Graphics, St. Petersburg

2018 – VII Independent Contemporary Art Fair "Saint-Dogvellburg", Sevkabel port, St. Petersburg

2018 – Bergman. Metamorphosis, Solyanka, Moscow

2018 – Exhibition of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award Nominees 2017, Sergey Kuryokhin Center, St. Petersburg

2018 – Om Jag Bara Kunde, Köttinspektionen, Upsala (Sweden)

2018 – Olympus, gallery Borey, St. Petersburg

2017 – Between Fatigue:Towards the New Forms of Life, Parallel program of the 4th Ural Biennale, Palace of Culture for Railway Workers, Ekaterinburg

2017 – Worldbuilding, Special project of the 4th Ural Biennial, Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil

2017 – Russian Puzzle, Novy Museum, St.Petersburg

2017 – Nepokorennye Prospect, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

2017 – Pieter Bruegel. The Upside Down World, ArtPlay, Moscow

2017 – Jurney to the Center of the Earth, ArtPlay, Moscow

2017 – Art on the Highway, Kurechin art center, St.Petersburg

2016 – Cinema of Dreams, Ground-hodynka, Moscow

2016 – Wave Theory, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2016 – My Self. Self-portrait in the Collection of the Russian Museum, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2016 – Psycho, Parallel program of the Moscow Biennale of Young Art, the Centre for creative industry (CCI) FABRIKA, Moscow

2016 – The Human Condition, Borey, St. Petersburg

2016 – The Buds, Liljevalchs hubb, Stockholm

2016 – 5 rooms. The Most Interesting Thing Inside, Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg

2016 – The view from the other window, program of video art in the framework of the International Film Festival of Andrei Tarkovsky's "The Mirror", MMOMA, Moscow

2015 – Soft#Norm, Artplay, Moscow

2015 – A-art F-feminism," SRI "DAR", Moscow

2015 – 10 new Bad Works, Borey, St. Petersburg

2015 – In the Aabsence of the Artist, gallery Sever-7, St. Petersburg

2015 – Sub Observationem, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

2015 – Try on, Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg

2014 – Other Capital, Museum of Moscow, Moscow

2014 – The Black Envy, Parallel program of Manifesta 10, Borey, St.Petersburg

2014 – Red Eye Effect, FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg

2014 – Love Is... , Nepokorenniе 17, St. Petersburg

2013 – Lost in translation, Special project of the 55th Venice Biennial, Venice

2013 – Diary of observations, ART-reFLEX, St. Petersburg

2013 – Parasite +, WINZAVOD CCA and PERMM, Perm, Moscow

2013 – Why do we go to the exhibition, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2013 – Beautiful, RuArts Gallery, Moscow

2013 – Jubilee, Borey. St. Petersburg

2012 – Saturnalia, Tbilisi, Batumi

Festivals and programmes

2022 – Villa Eläintarha residency, Quantum Critic 2021 project

2022 – FERMENT, CYFEST-14, Darlington

2022 – residency Biostation, Koltushi (Russia)

2021 – residency Art-Kommunalka, Kolomna (Russia)

2021 – The VIDEOFORMES festival, Clermon-Feran (France)

2021 The 13th CYBERFEST, Dartington, St. Petersburg

2019 – Iaspis residence, Umeå (Sweden)

2019 – Lookforward, Fort "Konstantin"

2018 – Art Prospect festival, St.Petersburg

2017 – Art Prospect festival, St.Petersburg

2017 – Art Fair Suomi, with group Parasit, Helsinki

2016 – The 62-nd Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen

2016 – Bang Boom III festival, Northenmpton, GB

2016 – The 9th CYBERFEST, Pratt Institute, NYC, St. Petersburg

2016 – VI International Festival of screen and media arts, Krasnoyarsk.

2015 – Supermarket, (with group Parazite), Stokholm

2015 – Residence Nordland Kulturesenter, Bodø, Norway.

2015 – The 61-st Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen

2014 – The 8th CYBERFEST, Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg and in NY Media Center, New York

2013 – Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum, festival; Museum of Urban Electrical Transport, St. Petersburg


Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

NationalCentre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

V. Smirnov & K. Sorokin Foundation, Moscow, Russia

Video archive Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen

Private collections


Sergei Kuryokhin 2017 Prize in the field of contemporary art (laureate in nomination "Best Media Object")

In the media

Post education

2012-… A member of art group "Parazit". (independent democratic organization, without formal curators, critics, leaders, exibition space)

2012 -…A member of art group "HudKruzhok" (we research possibility to be a community trough teamwork with a place and at a place)

2013-2015: TheologicalCollege (based St. Philaret's Christian Ortodox Institute), Moscow

2019: Open source celluloid-- Diving into the frame workshop, with Antonio Castles and Polar Film Lab, Tromsø

2018: Oberhausen Seminar, with Roee Rosen, 64-th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

2015: The kitchen, feminist's workshop, Moscow

2014: International Creative Laboratory Performance "Community PRO-art", Petrozavodsk

2013: «Cabinet of Curiosity», Kaiku Galleria in Helsinki and PRO ARTE Foundation, Helsinki - St. Petersburg, 2013 (exchange between Pro Arte and Kuva Academia), with Liisa Roberts.

2012: Summer school in Moscow, organized by Smirnov&Sorokin Foundation with Kristina Solomukcha and Pavel Braila