Crime of Passion
performance with Antti Kukkonen

2021, Museum of Impossible Forms
curated by "Unusual Companionship" (Fjolla Hoxha, Dash Che and Suvi Tuominen)

camera: Ilkka Pitkanen

When a businessman is killed, we tend to assume a "traditional" crime has taken place: someone wants more money and/or power. In contrast, a victim in a crime of passion is typically one's ex-spouse from whom one is unable to distance oneself mentally. In this play we mix these categories. A successful -- though rookie -- businessman Naha the penguin is assassinated. Outside working life Naha is a sympathetic, though sometimes a bit idiosyncratic penguin in his thoughts. How can this bird become a victim of a crime of passion? You will find out in performance!

pass: isovelikarhu