Home Odyssey series
Alena Tereshko & Antti Kukkonen
HD video


Act 1. Aquaintance, duration 2'22''

Possu & Egor

Act 2. The Day of Health, duration 5'11''

Measuring blood pressure
Coronavirus testing
Soup from fish-head

Act 3. Politics, duration 7'29''

Egor and Possu speak about politics
Antti reflects on Possu's political views

Act 4. Concepts, duration 5'05''

How to explain human concepts to a tiger
Antti is explaining the word «work» to Tike
Tike and Jippe watch a film

Act 5. Capitalism VS Communism, duration 13'20''

Valentina / Communism
Naha / Capitalism
Crisis Palaver

Act 6. Eye operation, duration 6'57''