serie "Modeling"

In Repin's Studio
300x120 см, oil on canvas

video about the painting "Portrait: this and that"


«The artist's interpretation of a Kustodiev painting, which portrays the everyday studying process in Repin's workshop in the Academy of Arts, is part of Alena's research (from the "Modeling" series, 2015).

The artwork, which Tereshko is entering into a dialogue with, is an important discovery for the social history of art. The work has served as an illustration for the famous article by Linda Nokhlin «Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?» and has been cited as evidence of a turning point in the system of academic education. In the painting students of both genders paint together a nude model, which became possible only in the late 19th century. It is not necessary for women to pose as nudes in order to gain a place in the history of art, but neither should women be prevented from working as life models. The artist who herself studied painting in the Stieglitz Academy endeavors to explore the system of classical art from various perspectives in order to compare her own experience with traditional art education. In this case Repin appears to be an apposite reference point. Tereshko has painted the scene portrayed by Kustodiev from the model's perspective. Characters from the 19th century have been replaced by the artist's friends and acquaintances. Taken together they help bring to light yet another artistic opening and the nude is revealed to be the artist herself, presenting a new performance.» (Anastasiya Kotyleva)

"Portrait: this and that"
HD video, 15'18''


camera: Oleg Savunov
text: Alena Tereshko
text editor: Anastasiya Kotyleva
Lera Lerner reads the text