Serie Modeling


In the serie «the artist and the model» I do interpretations of paintings by famous artists (Repin, Velazquez, Rembrandt and so on). This is a feminine research of the gaze, which reveals the change in woman's position: first she is only a model and she has no gaze of her own which could be registered in history of art. Then she gradually attains the gaze and can have both positions at the same time: one of a model and one of an artist.

Venus's Mirror
painting, 39x29 cm

Velazquez is famous for his very masterful work with spaces and mirrors. In his one and only nude there is a mirror too. In order to understand what the model who posed for Venus could see I reconstructed the room with the help of 3d modeling where the sitting took place. I used a historical film The Dumbfounded King (1991).

creation 3D-model: Pavel Andreev